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Antimicrobial Mask


SARS-CoV-2 has caused a devastating pandemic that is still ongoing. Quaternary ammonium compounds are widely used in personal protective equipment such as masks due to their good stability, availability and efficient sterilization performance. The studies indicated that complete inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 was achieved on treated surgical masks. In addition, the data suggest that mask with quaternary ammonium compounds also can be protected against viral contamination, which could longer lasting PPE and alleviate shortages in the PPE supply chain.

Antimicrobial Mask

Antimicrobial Mechanism

To address better sterilization and block virus transmission, the quaternary ammonium compound was embedded into the polymer film that is bonded to the outside of the spunbond polypropylene fabric of the 3-layer mask. Because quaternary ammonium compounds used are hydrophilic, water droplets will rapidly wick into the polymer film. Meanwhile, virus particles will be similarly absorbed with the water and will be brought into contact with the quaternary ammonium compounds. Quaternary ammonium salt is adsorbed to the surface of the bacteria, and the hydrophobic group is inserted into the lipid layer, which changes the permeability of the cell membrane, destroys the membrane structure, leaks intracellular substances, and finally the bacteria die.[1]

What Can Alfa Chemistry Do for You?

Alfa Chemistry has a professional team with many years of experience and has focused on the preparation and application of quaternary ammonium compounds. Alfa Chemistry has conducted research on various problems encountered by antimicrobial mask and provide effective solutions to meet customer needs. The related technologies of antimicrobial mask we provide are as follows:

  • Alfa Chemistry can provide antimicrobial performance test.
  • Alfa Chemistry can provide evaluation of cytotoxicity.
  • Alfa Chemistry also can customize reliable solutions according to customer needs to help the researchers solve problems in the field of antimicrobial mask.


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