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With the growing global demand for effective and skin-friendly deodorants, the use of polyquaternium compounds in deodorants has attracted much attention from researchers. Polyquaternium compounds (molecular weight: approx. 40 000 – 400 000) not only do not penetrate the skin, but also impart antibacterial activity and skin compatibility to the deodorant. Nowadays, this polyquaternium deodorants have been vigorously promoted in the market.

The skin-friendly armpit deodorant.Figure 1. The skin-friendly armpit deodorant.

Mechanism of Deodorants

In modern society, armpit odor has affected people's normal life and social interaction. As a result, it has led to extensive research. The following to armpit deodorant as an example to explain the general mechanism of deodorant. Axillary microorganisms mainly consist of four major groups: staphylococci, aerobic coryneforms, propionibacteria and micrococci with staphylococci and corynebacteria being the most prominent types. Polyquaternium salt cations adsorb negatively charged bacteria and accumulate on the cell wall, resulting in a chamber resistance effect, resulting in the inhibition of bacterial growth. At the same time, hydrophobic alkyl group of polyquaternium can also interact with the hydrophilic group of bacteria, changing the membrane permeability, followed by lysis, destruction of cell structure, causing finally cell death.


Application of polyquaternium for deodorization affords several advantages over the other methods:

  • Underarm odor is significantly reduced 24-48 hours after treatment with polyquaternium deodorant.
  • After using the polyquaternium deodorant for 12 hours, the number of bacteria in the armpits was significantly reduced.
  • Polyquaternium deodorants have strong universality and can be used by most people without allergies and side effects.
  • Polyquaternium deodorant has the advantages of non-toxic, harmless, skin-friendly and environmentally friendly.

What Can Alfa Chemistry Do for You?

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