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Papermaking Chemicals


Papermaking chemicals refer to the general name of various chemicals and auxiliaries used in the papermaking process. Quaternary ammonium salts have been widely used as decolorizers, fungicides and collectors in the waste paper and paper industry.

Papermaking Chemicals


  • Treatment of Papermaking Wastewater

The common wastewater from papermaking industry has the characteristics of deep chromaticity, many impurities and unstable water quality. The quaternary ammonium salt polymer decolorizer is used in the water with chromaticity after secondary production treatment, and the flocs are formed in the flocculation reaction equipment or reaction pool. After air flotation, the pH value of the wastewater can be adjusted to neutral, the content of COD and BOD can be reduced, and the chromaticity of the effluent can meet the discharge standard.

  • Paper Fungicide

Under certain circumstances, paper stored for a long time is easy to breed bacteria, which may have an irreparable impact on the health of users. Quaternary ammonium salt cationic surfactant is a kind of extensive and common papermaking auxiliaries, which has important applications in sizing, bacteriostasis, retention and drainage. A new type of double cationic quaternary ammonium salt surfactant was prepared from dodecyl dimethylamine and epichlorohydrin. This new type of double cation quaternary ammonium salt surfactant has certain bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus in paper.

(a) Acetone, room temperature, 5h; (b) acetone, reflux, 5h(a) Acetone, room temperature, 5h; (b) acetone, reflux, 5h
Preparation of Dicationic Quaternary Ammonium Salt Surfactant

  • Anionic Garbage Collector

With the extensive use of deinked waste paper pulp and the closed circulation of white water in the paper machine, the concentration of anion interfering substances in the wet end of the paper machine is getting higher and higher. Because the anion interfering substances will react with the cationic auxiliaries in the wet end of papermaking, the effect of the auxiliaries will be greatly weakened, and the normal operation of the paper machine and the product quality will be affected. At present, the effective method is to neutralize the excess negative charge in the pulp by adding low molecular weight cationic compounds before adding cationic auxiliaries to the paper, and fix the anionic waste on the surface of the fiber or filler after agglomeration, which is called anionic garbage collector.

Chitosan quaternary ammonium salt is a kind of natural polymer and biodegradable, which is used as anionic garbage collector in waste paper and papermaking. The degradation products do not have any toxic effect on the environment, and its capture efficiency is significant, stable and efficient.

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